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Environmental Consulting Services

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Environmental Site Assessment and Management

— Hazardous waste site characterization and Conceptual Site Model (CSM) development

— Environmental program development

— Risk Assessment

— Environmental litigation support

— Hydrogeology and Groundwater Modelling

— Environmental Impact Analysis

— Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA)

— Data research, analysis, and synthesis

— Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

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Environmental Sampling and Investigations

— Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) development

— Health & Safety plan development

— Environmental sampling for site characterization

— Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) site reconnaissance and environmental sampling for due diligence and All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) protection

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Project Oversight and Technical Document Review

— Third-party oversight of environmental sampling

— Health & Safety oversight

— Remedial construction oversight

— Third-party technical document and Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) review


Environmental Site Assessment and Program Management

We have over 15 years of consulting experience for a variety of federal, state, and private clients. Our team's diverse projects have included: program development and CERCLA technical support for the National Park Service (NPS); the characterization and remediation of environmental contaminants on a 900 square mile U.S. Naval weapons testing facility; wildlife surveys; and, the evaluation of risks associated with the geologic carbon sequestration of coal-fired power plant emissions for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

If you have a complicated property that requires a more experienced Environmental Professional (EP), our team can also help with your Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) projects.

Environmental Sampling and Field Investigatons

Our technical experts have a broad range of environmental fieldwork experience. From small Phase II ESAs, to litigation projects for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), we understand that every environmental investigation is only as good as the data and documentation supporting it. From the critical first steps of conceptual site model (CSM) and data quality objective (DQO) development, though the completion and execution of the Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP), our team can help you do it right the first time and produce the defensible data that you need for decision-making. We understand the pitfalls associated with poor planning and documentation, and we know how to avoid them. We've collected environmental samples of media ranging from groundwater to biological samples and from myriad environments, including the deserts of Kuwait and as high as 20,000 feet on the volcanoes of South America — let us bring that experience to your project.

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Project Oversight and Technical Document Review

Do you need an extra set of eyes or an expert, third party opinion? Let our experienced team ensure that the work is completed as planned and that it is documented in a defensible manner. Are you unsure about the quality of the work or the technical approach on a current project? Our experts can provide a technical review of your work products or offer a third-party consultation to ensure that everything is on track.


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